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Have you been the recipient of a conditional gift? Or, perhaps, you’ve considered distributing a conditional gift but aren’t sure what is involved. Here are some important things to know about conditional gifts. Conditional gifts can be confusing A conditional gift usually requires the occurrence of an event before the gift is distributed. It can […]

Do you have an existing estate plan? Did you recently get a divorce? If yes and yes, it is wise to visit an estate planning attorney.  Typically, estate plans involving spouses include clauses in the will that leave everything to the recently divorced spouse.  Additionally, advanced directives such as a power of attorney and health […]

The expansion of our firm into estate planning, got me thinking about how the practice of law has evolved. It now includes the growth of the do-it-yourself, online will-making and estate planning option. Unlike in injury law (where contingency fees reign and thereby any injured person, regardless of their finances, can hire a lawyer and […]

“I heard that if I don’t have a will, the state will inherit my estate.” I’ve heard that refrain in estate planning consultations several times over the past few months. To be honest, I am not sure why it’s taking hold. Let’s clear up the matter. Estate unlikely to go to state If you’re a […]

How old do you have to be to have an estate plan? It’s a question I often hear. I typically give the simple answer: “Old enough to sign a contract.” Why it is important to create an estate plan When we think of estate planning, we don’t typically think of couples in their thirties and […]

As we enter 2022, take some time to think about the future and whether you’ve prepared for certain future events, such as incapacity and death.  As an elder law attorney, preparing for incapacity means you’ve thought about, and made arrangements for, potential future incapacities.  Take stock of your choices and documents Preparedness means choosing trustworthy […]

If you’re spending this holiday season with elderly parents, it’s probably not a bad idea to discuss pre-incapacity planning. Potentially uncomfortable but important discussions If you and your siblings (assuming you have siblings) have not spoken to your parents about who will make financial and healthcare decisions for them when they are not able to, […]

A typical formal probate administration can take anywhere from four months to multiple years to complete. In certain circumstances, however, summary administration allows a decedent’s estate to be distributed relatively quickly. The process is simplified and improves the efficiency of resolving small estates. This usually takes less than a month. Summary administration also does not […]

A financial planner recently shared an interesting story — ultimately related to probate administration — with me. Death benefit assignment can prevent headache She had a new client looking to transfer assets from one financial planning institution to her institution.  This client was a recent widower. His recently departed spouse had a life insurance policy […]

Two new documentaries came out recently, chronicling the much-publicized saga of pop princess Britney Spears.  One is by The New York Times, called Controlling Britney Spears. The other is from Netflix, called Britney v. Spears.  Britney Spears documentaries have similar focuses Each documentary briefly touches on her early fame and success and dives deep into […]