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If you’re a member of a family with an elderly parent and siblings, you might worry about what will happen when the time comes to place your parent in a long-term care facility. Typically, elderly parents are hesitant to leave the safety and comfort of their homes and move to a long-term care facility. The […]

Avoiding probate is likely a lifelong goal for many of us. But for those of you who do not dream of sparing your heirs from a potentially long and expensive process, there is a way to leave money to your heirs without subjecting them to a long and arduous probate process. Here are just a […]

In my last blog, I discussed Britney Spears and guardianship (known as conservatorship in California). Guardianship is a judicial procedure whereby a Court appoints a guardian to oversee and control a person’s finances if that person is deemed incapacitated. If guardianship is a ride you’d like someone else to take, I don’t blame you. But […]