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Open House Parties and Underage Drinking

That minors should not be given alcohol by adults should go without saying. Sadly, as Lakewood Ranch personal injury lawyers, Julie Luhrsen and Christina Goldberg, can attest, underage drinking costs the state of Florida more than 3 billion dollars each year. In addition, more than 180 deaths and 70,000 injuries are attributed to teenage drinking annually. According to statistics, minors account for just over 10% of the total amount of alcohol consumed in the U.S.

Because adolescents use alcohol differently than adults and have unique biological reactions to alcohol, the Surgeon General was prompted in 2007 to issue a Call to Action on the matter.  Among its many recommendations is one to help ensure the enforcement of laws against underage drinking, providing alcohol to minors as well as enforcing lohol to minors.  and adults

Though Some Parents Say “Yes,” Florida Law Says “No” to Drinking Under Age 21

In the state of Florida, this means that open house parties should not be held at a residence where a minor could consume alcohol unless the host adult has taken steps to prevent the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages (or drugs).  Quite plainly, it’s unlawful for anyone to sell or give alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 or permit anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol at a location licensed to sell alcohol.  Perhaps less well known is that, when it comes to driving, the BAC (or blood alcohol content or breath alcohol level) of any minor cannot be 0.02 or higher if they are operating a motor vehicle or are in control of a vehicle.

Despite the laws and regulations, however, alcohol is often provided to teens with the assistance of adults. In 21% of the cases, underage drinkers got the alcohol for free from a parent or other adult family member. An unrelated adult provided alcohol 37% of the time. 22% of teens paid for their alcohol, but relied on someone else to buy it for them. Even more startling, 25% of teens surveyed said that they have been at parties where underage drinking has occurred in front of parents or other responsible adults.

Sarasota Personal Injury Attorneys See Too Many Cases of Injury After Adults Allowed Teenagers to Drink

These numbers are more than just random statistics. Florida’s youth have higher rates of alcohol use than the national average, and 10.2% of all alcohol-related crashes and 10.6% of fatal alcohol-related crashes involve underage drivers.  To help reduce this  this tragic loss of life and injuries being inflicted upon innocent victims, a personal injury attorney in Lakewood Ranch or the surrounding area can help hold responsible not only the teens who drive after consuming alcohol, but those adults who provided them with the alcohol in the first place.

A Lakewood Ranch personal injury lawyer can help  a victim (or the victim’s family) pursue a claim against a drunk driver, an open house party host, a merchant or anyone else responsible for the resulting injuries and damages. In turn,  the monetary effect of drunk driving or underage drinking is imposed upon those responsible and aids in justice be served.

If You’ve Been Injured by an Underage Driver Who was DWI in Sarasota, Luhrsen Goldberg Can Help

Your car crash lawyer in Sarasota will not only pursue remuneration from the responsible driver, but also from any and all adults responsible for that teen being able to consume alcohol in the first place. Your Sarasota auto crash attorney understands that you should not have to suffer the financial repercussions of an adult who irresponsibly provided alcohol to an underage driver.

When a Bradenton merchant knowingly sells alcohol to a minor (merchants are encouraged to card anyone who looks to be under age 30) who later causes a personal injury to an innocent victim in a car wreck, the victim can get help from an auto accident lawyer in Bradenton. The Bradenton auto accident attorney will work to uphold the victim’s rights in and out of court, but will also help ensure that appropriate medical treatment is available so that the victim can recover as fully as possible.

At Luhrsen Goldberg, your Bradenton car accident attorney, will utilize the resources at hand to pursue the adults who are responsible for your injuries .

Whether an adult has shared alcohol with a minor to gain acceptance or because the adult honestly thought that because teens will drink anyway that supervising them while doing so was the smart and helpful thing to do, it does not make your injuries, nor your expenses as a result of those injuries, go away. That is why your personal injury attorney in Sarasota will seek every avenue of benefits that are possible for you, so that other adults can readily see and understand that no one gains when adults provide alcohol to teens. When your personal injury lawyer in Sarasota obtains a settlement for you from an adult who gave a teen liquor, it will help reinforce the message to the community and other adults that providing booze to teens is not only illegal, but costly and not worth it.

In Florida, Providing Alcohol to Minors is a Costly Mistake

When a motor vehicle accident causes you personal pain and suffering, your Sarasota motor vehicle accident attorney will work assiduously to ensure that you have not suffered in vain. Even though the efforts of your motor vehicle accident lawyer in Sarasota cannot take away your injury, they can help ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. Your Sarasota accident attorney will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf so that there can be hope that a day will come when no one will have to retain a Sarasota injury attorney or a Bradenton truck accident lawyer because of the preventable actions of an intoxicated teen.

At Luhrsen Goldberg, we are here for you when you most need help. When you need a Lakewood Ranch based injury attorney because you’ve been injured by a driver who was DWI, our Florida motor vehicle accident attorney will provide you with the legal counsel and advice that you require to understand your legal options and to know the best way to proceed. Call 941.212.2600 today for a free consultation; no attorney’s fees or costs are due unless and until a settlement is received.

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