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As we enter 2022, take some time to think about the future and whether you’ve prepared for certain future events, such as incapacity and death.  As an elder law attorney, preparing for incapacity means you’ve thought about, and made arrangements for, potential future incapacities.  Take stock of your choices and documents Preparedness means choosing trustworthy […]

Recently, a potential client called and asked if she needed to hire an attorney to administer an estate. Her mother had passed away, and she was named personal representative in her mother’s will. She told me friends had informed her they were able to act as personal representatives of estates without an attorney. After some […]

If you’re spending this holiday season with elderly parents, it’s probably not a bad idea to discuss pre-incapacity planning. Potentially uncomfortable but important discussions If you and your siblings (assuming you have siblings) have not spoken to your parents about who will make financial and healthcare decisions for them when they are not able to, […]

We’ve all lived, and learned, that the good old adage “no good deed goes unpunished” seems to hold true nine times out of 10.  Both professionally and in my personal life, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Is everything disputable? Some would say our society has become overly litigious. I suppose I’m not a […]

If you’re new to Florida, you may be hearing a lot about a “homestead exemption,” and how it can save you money on your annual real property taxes.  How does a homestead exemption work? In Florida, applying for a homestead exemption can provide a tax exemption of up to $50,000 per year.  The first $25,000 […]

So you’ve seen the TV ads, heard the radio ads, been bombarded with all variations of advertising from attorneys who want you to retain THEIR firm.  Yep, we do it, too. Except our advertising doesn’t actively and blatantly disparage our competition. Personal injury attorneys, including Julie Luhrsen and I, all say many of the same […]

A financial planner recently shared an interesting story — ultimately related to probate administration — with me. Death benefit assignment can prevent headache She had a new client looking to transfer assets from one financial planning institution to her institution.  This client was a recent widower. His recently departed spouse had a life insurance policy […]

Please. PLEASE tell me the truth.   Remember that blog I wrote about how we at Luhrsen Goldberg like taking on difficult-to-prove claims? In that particular blog, I inserted a caveat saying that we like difficult (but not meritless) claims. Over the years we have gotten better at deciphering truth from fiction. In doing so, we […]

Buzz Feed News recently released a scathing piece titled “Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, and Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry.” The piece is a three-part semi-deep dive into guardianship abuse throughout the country.  (I encourage you to read the article yourself).  The authors of the piece cite egregious examples of abuse of individuals under guardianship. In […]

One thing I love about our firm is that we are willing to, and frequently enjoy, taking on more challenging cases. By “more difficult” I mean liability isn’t quite as clear as we would like for it to be.  Don’t get me wrong: There is a big difference between a meritless claim and a claim […]