Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

May 2022

I often receive calls from clients who own real property jointly with another individual who has passed away.  Typically, the potential client is curious about how to title the property solely in their name. In some cases, changing the ownership interests to the sole survivor is as simple as filing the deceased owner’s death certificate. […]

Have you been the recipient of a conditional gift? Or, perhaps, you’ve considered distributing a conditional gift but aren’t sure what is involved. Here are some important things to know about conditional gifts. Conditional gifts can be confusing A conditional gift usually requires the occurrence of an event before the gift is distributed. It can […]

Luhrsen Goldberg has been named a finalist for “Women-Owned Business” in the 2022 Greater Sarasota Chamber Frank G. Berlin. Sr., Small Business Awards. We’re honored to be recognized as one of the three top contenders in this category in a growing geographic area. Surround yourself with the right people Simply being recognized as a finalist, […]