Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

April 2022

The little calendar notification that my blog was due recently caught me during a rant. I had just learned about some let’s say unscrupulous behavior in which certain colleagues are engaging. Since I wasn’t finished being annoyed when the notification popped up, I figured, hey, why not just go with it?  Put your seatbelts on, […]

There’s definitely a stereotype about personal injury attorneys. To that end, I decided a long time ago that I’ll never be as financially abundant as many injury litigation attorneys. I also realized I am A-OK with that. Some of the stuff I see and hear about makes me cringe, and, frankly, I frequently ask myself […]

I’m not sure if there is something in the air or if this is the newest insurance company scheme. Lately, we have had a number of calls from hopeful new clients saying something like, “Well, I signed some document and took a check, but I’m still hurt.”  Oh boy. We always know this is going […]