Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

March 2022

Did you know two out of three Americans age 85 or older are women? In honor of Women’s History Month, and as a member of a law firm that’s powered by women, here are a few reasons why women should be thinking about long-term care insurance. Women live longer than men As stated previously, women […]

Two Weeks’ Notice. Yep, I named my blog post after a poorly rated 2002 Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant film. (Except that I fixed the grammatical error in the original title by adding the appropriate apostrophe.)  Sadly, the real-life implication of the 14-day rule as enacted by Florida’s Legislature in the No-Fault Act is just as bad […]

Know those attorneys who are all about going to trial? How many cases they’ve tried? How many times they’ve been in the courtroom?  The majority of cases don’t go to trial. So is it critical to have an attorney that boasts of nothing else than their trial experience? It’s important to be well-rounded I’ll bet, […]