Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

January 2022

If you’ve ever come across a slow-moving car with its left turn signal on and in the fast lane only to find that a little old blue-haired person, you’ve probably thought to yourself that the driver has no %*/? business driving. There’s a chance you’re right … and fortunately, in Florida, where over 20% of […]

“I heard that if I don’t have a will, the state will inherit my estate.” I’ve heard that refrain in estate planning consultations several times over the past few months. To be honest, I am not sure why it’s taking hold. Let’s clear up the matter. Estate unlikely to go to state If you’re a […]

How old do you have to be to have an estate plan? It’s a question I often hear. I typically give the simple answer: “Old enough to sign a contract.” Why it is important to create an estate plan When we think of estate planning, we don’t typically think of couples in their thirties and […]

As we enter 2022, take some time to think about the future and whether you’ve prepared for certain future events, such as incapacity and death.  As an elder law attorney, preparing for incapacity means you’ve thought about, and made arrangements for, potential future incapacities.  Take stock of your choices and documents Preparedness means choosing trustworthy […]