Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

December 2021

Recently, a potential client called and asked if she needed to hire an attorney to administer an estate. Her mother had passed away, and she was named personal representative in her mother’s will. She told me friends had informed her they were able to act as personal representatives of estates without an attorney. After some […]

If you’re spending this holiday season with elderly parents, it’s probably not a bad idea to discuss pre-incapacity planning. Potentially uncomfortable but important discussions If you and your siblings (assuming you have siblings) have not spoken to your parents about who will make financial and healthcare decisions for them when they are not able to, […]

A typical formal probate administration can take anywhere from four months to multiple years to complete. In certain circumstances, however, summary administration allows a decedent’s estate to be distributed relatively quickly. The process is simplified and improves the efficiency of resolving small estates. This usually takes less than a month. Summary administration also does not […]